Shit Happens When You Party Naked

Yep the regular clubs have hiked up entry and booze prices because of the taxes here in Sweden. Yes the Student Nations provide respite from the exorbitant sums demanded but there is only so much of a good thing that one person can take and outside a couple of Nations – Syskanska and Gotheburg if you’re remotely interested – the people who run the nights seem remarkably reluctant to put any variety or themes into their shifts.

The solution? Not, as the title may suggest, becoming involved in amateur pornography. That is the third option. Instead witness the rise and rise of the mythical corridor party in all its glory!

Now these are not the pre drinks kind you find in club heavy cities like Edinburgh, oh no. Here people go all out to ensure that their corridor party will be the stuff of local folk lore for many a month to come. Here are a select few that have stayed with me – I say stayed with, by and large what I mean is: “I remember having a good time and my photos made the thing look damn good…”

“Sensation Rainbow”

Again please dispense with the sexual connotations that may have sprung to the more intercourse orientated minds amongst you. This spawned in November from the coming to nearby Copenhagen of Sensation White. Here in Lund an entire block, that’s five floors to you and me, clubbed together to organise what is still the biggest corridor fest I have witnessed. Each floor had a colour and music theme and guests initially chose their allegiance before exploring strange new colours. The place was packed out. Hundreds of international and Swedish students merged in a kaleidoscopic mass. Stunning.

“Gangsta Riot”

Forget your clichéd pimps and hoes shindig. For here in the land of blond hair and blue eyes Flava Flav and co resurfaced. It gave the smaller amongst us the chance to show our faces in public wearing stupidly large clothes and not feel like the utter fools we look and to make east and west shapes with our fingers. And in true ghetto style, a number of doors were removed from their hinges and scattered around greater Lund, so so harsh!

“The International Dinner”

Not so much a Swedish student event this one. Instead many mentor groups invade a suitable large floor space in some poor unsuspecting new arrival’s halls to feast on…well…whatever they bring. Idea is to make a dish from your country and bring it along for other people to try. Haggis was duly made. Veggie variety and all. Went down not too shabbily. I do enjoy it when we get Indian or Singaporean dishes in attendance though, my God can they rustle up a treat.

“Australia day”

Any excuse. Another international centred event, held in that Eden of international student housing: Spoletorp South. Flags, beer, limbo, broken furniture. Standard behaviour really.

“Random Destruction”

Unofficial title here. Kind of accidentally stumbled (literally) into a corridor party that had gone all out. DJ hired, smoke machines keeping away those pesky asthmatics and bar tenders hired to dispense cheap beer to all and sundry. Still not sure the reason for this affair but in no way am I complaining.

“Shit Happens When You Party Naked”

With such openness about *gasp* nakedness this could only be a Swedish corridor event right? Well yes that is correct. Set up through several corridors ending with a sauna for any brave enough to venture in. The motto of the party was “get laid or die trying”, rather forward, but nicely summing up the thoughts of most in attendance. Also thought I’d point out that prior to the festivities the organisers emailed round asking for song requests for the playlist. So civilised. So sophisticated. So mature an evening ahead. Oh ye, the party motto, never mind. And for those who remain curious, there was a large amount of ensuing nakedness.

So that’s a brief safari through the student favelas after dark. Who needs a club or a student union?

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  1. Dearie me, sounds like you’re going to be severely bored when you get back to Edinburgh. I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting the BB job back, that’s for sure.

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