More things you should know – Mike Williamson, Coimbra

There are things that I’ve had absolutely no information about and that I’ve had to find out myself. With that in mind I’ll put them here so any future exchange students will know beforehand.

There is no information whatsoever about timetables for the casual observer. Now you can go through the mission impossible of finding your coordinator to ask for information about that (I’m still yet to find mine in her office and I’ve still not much of a clue when her office hours are, I found a class that she teaches so I think I’ll turn up at the end of that and ask her when I can come), but there’s another way, which I found out today (ie, 1 day too late) by asking another Erasmus student who’d emailed about 6 people just to find out.

I was originally told that timetables are online. So I went to the website and did whatever any normal person would do: click on my faculty (Letras), then on the link for courses, then on each individual course which has a little page with (supposedly) information about the teacher, the course program, timetables, etc. Only one of the courses in my department had any information at all, but that was just what the course was about, nothing about timetables. All the rest of the sections just hadn’t been filled in at all. Then I saw the little “archives” link at the bottom, so I clicked on that and found information about last year’s courses. Unfortunately I now know that this has little to do with this year, even the course content has changed in most cases.

What I was told today is a little different, I was supposed to go to something called Web {on} Campus, and the information is there. Nope. All that page did is link me back to the other page with no information. Great.

So where is this mythical information? Well purely by accident, I clicked on the link on the main faculty page called “Estudantes/Candidatos” which took me here, where I noticed another link called horarios. I was picking up a theme and thought this would probably take me back to the other page with no information, but no, there was a page with actual real information on it! So I checked it was this year’s content, and it was. Hurray!

There’s also information about the university calendar, which was useful because I didn’t know when classes start, and it turned out to be today, so I’ve missed one class already. Nevermind, I’ll start tomorrow. And the other piece of good news is that the exams timetable is already up on that page, so I won’t need to wait until a couple of weeks before like in Malaga to know when my exams are. Look like my last one is on the first of July.

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