Lund Chapter 8 – Tallin Snow 7’s

That’s a seven aside rugby tournament played in knee high snow in case anyone wasn’t sure.

So the morning had come, Friday the 29th January when we were to depart for Stockholm to catch the ferry to Tallin, Estonia. The sun had yet to rouse her weary self from slumber but awake I was all packed and ready to go. Just a quick check to make sure I’ve got the tickets; yep there they are. Where’s the one to Stockholm? There it is: 28th January. “But wait!” I hear you cry, that means you’re a day late for the train. Indeed.

Let me explain, when booking the ticket at the desk originally I had noticed the grave error on the part of the ticket salesman that he had issued the ticket for Friday the 22nd. Well noticed thought I, would have been a disaster to get it for the wrong day and lose my money. So I drew to his attention the mistake and he promptly apologised and set about issuing the correct one. Unfortunately I thought this man to be more evolved than a caterpillar so assumed he would have got it right this time ( never assume, it makes an ass out of u and me!) so slipped the ticket into the folder without a second thought. Until now.

So I set off for the train station regardless pondering my best option. Lie? Play dumb? Get abusive? Alas the sun came up with no conclusions and I was forced to outlay on a new ticket to make it to Stockholm and the ferry. Going to try to get my money back on the unused one by explaining what happened but I hold little hope.

But moving on, got to Stockholm. Saw some sights – well worth a visit if you get the chance. Bought our strips, a lovely pink laced top from the girls section of H & M. And they say rugby can be homo erotic. Pah! Ferry to Tallin: good fun. Entertainment on the ferry to Tallin: not so fun, unless, of course you count our superb karaoke performance…

The actual tournament was good fun, really tiring so in the end the winning team were the fittest. They weren’t even a rugby team! The Estonian Olympic Judo team to be more precise. They even had a gold medal winner. And, to be honest, they were helped out by a more than sympathetic referee who allowed the final to descent into a wrestling match where you could hurl the ball wherever. But the Commonwealth Crayfish came a respectable second place. We should have won damn it! Not that I’m bitter.

Tallin itself was pretty nice. Old town is very tourist friendly, outwith that there’s not too much aside from the traditional stag outdoor activities Estonia has become famed for. But definitely worth a visit for a couple of days at least.

Back in Lund now with some potential food poisoning from the dodgy Estonian meat. Worth it though.

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