Lund Chapter 7: Return to Ostra(cised?) Torn

Kind of surreal being back here. Wasn’t overly fussed about leaving home again if I’m honest but here we are. AND IT’S STILL GREAT!

Well most of it. Maybe I’m biased but I reckon the new ERASMUS blood just ain’t up to the standards of last semester, after all, should we not be socialising and trying to become the bestest of buds rather than picking fights with trees as the new French Foreign Legion attempted to do the other night? Strange…

But can’t be unfair, I made pretty good friends with a whole bunch of people who I may or may not ever see again so it was always going to be different. Suppose at least I’ve still got a good slice of my friends left in the proverbial Lund pie but it is strange to think that edinburgh is one of the few universities which ships out a consignment of students for two semesters and that I am now, essentially, a golden oldie of the exchange programme – people ask me for advice, directions, my name…all sorts of crazy things!

Of course we still have the obligatory snow here, although the Swedes have mini snow plows for clearing the pavements and cycle paths safely – that’s my birthday present sorted alright!

My halls are quite these days. My friend forgot to renew her lease and was told her room had already been rented out, she managed to get a room downstairs; her old one looks pretty damn empty from where I’m standing. In fact, Ostra Torn is eerily quite now with about half the rooms empty, and in this cold it seems that little bit further into town. Perhaps I should have tried to reapply for a more central location? Spoletorp? Parintiesen? Not too late… another upside, you hate your halls? As an international student you are pretty likely to be able to filter in to one of the recently vacated rooms after crimbo hols.

Surprising how inefficient these scandanavians can be sometimes actually: term officially starts again tomorrow and the website for my next subject is still not up, literally no one in the class has a clue on the chat for the coming months, should probs try to look into that matter in more detail. Too tired today though, and I’ve got a cold.

Buuut let’s not complain. After all, I’m in another country, meeting new – albeit tree wrestling – people and the work load is far from destructive.  On refection, missed being here alot more than I realised.

Oh ye, almost forgot,  my bike got another bloody puncture! x

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  1. Hi, I know I might be a bit late replying but I am going to Lund next semester from Dublin, Ireland and just got offered accommodation in Ostra Torn, seeing as I only have a month should I just take it or decline it and hope something better comes up?
    Thanks in advance!

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