Lund Chapter 6: Away gentle into that good night

First an appology for the total lack of blogging in the festive build up, my laptop was conquered by a marauding band of viruses and I feared a reboot since I am an utter fool and havn’t backed up several important files. So till home was reached I waited and now here we be once more.

Anyways, Lund. Sad times are behind as the inevitable goodbyes were said to those non returners. This was a strange feeling. We have all said bye to folk we care (or at least can bare) before but this felt different. The school friends we know we live near. People I have met travelling were coincidentally from the UK. SO to keep in touch was doable. But with the odd person dotted in Chile, Australia, Ethiopia et al the reality began to dawn that goodbye was probs final. *sob*

But let’s not drag down the mood by being miserable. So positives:

Christmas in Lund was lovely. They decorate the town and there are several uniquely Swedish Carol services at the Cathederal along with parades and the obligatory holiday fair. AND it snowed!! Just to be clear we were forever being told that a proper level of  snow was not to be expected. They lied! Well actually, given that transport ground to a hault and I nearly missed my flight home it would appear that they were telling the truth. As to the taxi driver who charged me £60 for a max £15 fair…well good on him I suppose, he was the only taxi driver in Malmo at the time so let’s be greatful three figures weren’t reached.

Oh oh and there will be new people arriving soon enough. Maybe they’re already there. And since there are still several friends returning the perpetual fear of living in isolation for a year will not be overhanging as it was on original  exploration of this strange new world.

But I have learned, or been reminded that it is never wise to trust someone else to do something for you on two occassions. 1) my flatmate assured me the rent bill had not arrived in the mail; i trusted him; my rent was late. AHH! 2) I wanted to be a mentor – think holiday rep for the new arrivals as a way to meet people and a good cv filler – and was promised by a friend she would tell me when registration opened. There is no unexoected twist in this tale, she didn’t tell. AHH take two.

So there we have it. Friends have come and gone, more set to join the fun of Lund. It’s been a s’wonderful experience so far… x

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