Lund Chapter 4: Swedish nurses and morphine

So I have now experienced the Swedish hospital system. And a Swedish ambulance.

The Reason? Flipped over the handle bars of my bike while a little less than sober. The Result? A dislocated shoulder, swollen jaw, concussion, six stitches in my chin, several cuts on both arms and legs and two chipped teeth. The teeth were what I was most gutted about. But you’ll be pleased to hear I am now on the mend and even made my flight to London a mere two hours after being let out of hospital high on about twice the amount of drugs they were supposed to have given me – I wasn’t one to complain though.

But on a serious side it did kinda shock me into realising the importance of insurance. The hospital messed up my registration so I haven’t (yet) been hit with the oh-so-high Swedish medical bill – to put it into context it cost me £25 just to get the stitches OUT! I am one of those people who thinks that crap stuff like that always happens to other people when they’re away but this has made me thankful that I (and when I say “I” I mean my parents) had the foresight to get me on a decent insurance plan just in case. So the moral of the story is get yourself some insurance before you venture forth into the non NHS world out there. Oh and try not to flip over the handle bars of your bike obv.

Finished my first course as well which ended with my first ever oral exam. It was strange. If you don’t know something in a written exam you either skip merrily over it or take a random stab. Impossible to skip here and an attempt to do so or an inaccurate stab are met with a roll of the eyes, a grumble and then a series of follow up questions ie clues designed to lead you to the correct answer. It was actually quite fun. You can even kind of guide the exam down the road you feel strongest talking about by expanding on the areas you want to. He even tells you at the end whether you have passed or not. I passed but remain unsure as to how good a system this is if someone were to fail….

On a less uplifting note my flatmate was sighted for plagiarism but has got away with a warning and the opportunity to redo his essay. Lucky really. The Swedish are extremely strict when t comes to that kind of thing so bare that in mind if you get to come out here.

But everyone else I know passed well so we were all set to go out that night and celebrate. Then I fell. Two of the girls from Edinburgh stayed with me the whole me at the hospital as well, boxes of roses were quickly bought to say thanks!

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  1. Surely your European Health Insurance Card should be more than adequate to see that your medical bills get paid in Sweden?

    It’s interesting that you mention Lund take plagiarism seriously, given that I have been very surprised at how naive Uppsala are about it. They warn against it, but they seem to be pretty hazy about what constitutes plagiarism and how they’ll punish you if it’s found out.

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