Miami Heat MongKok Style

Everyone’s second favourite A-Ha song, The Sun Always Shines on TV has had me thinking a lot recently. (Take on me is their classic but don’t pretend you don’t prefer THIS version). For a start its a complete lie, the film the crow comes to mind, but if the sun really did always shine on TV I have to say I wouldn’t still be applying to be a guest on the various word related quiz shows shown on channel 5 in the daytime, because i can’t handle the heat.

Now before you all go telling me to get out of the kitchen, I’ll inform you I’m actually not in a kitchen. I’m in my very old and slightly dilapidated room (Number 83) in Ricci Hall, 93 Pokfulam Road Hong Kong (Please send me fan mail and sweets). But all this information is secondary to the issue of heat. Hot, Hot, Heat. I could understand if you’re thinking Luke what the hell is wrong with you, why would you write your first post about the temperature, but it is a BIG DEAL. British people are known for talking about the weather and this goes hand in hand with their need to complain about things. The amount of times I’ve heard people talk about how British weather sucks and how it always rains and its always cold. Well I’m going to stick up for British weather, because although the grass is always green down at the driving range, it isn’t always greener on the other side.

The heat here is intense. The average daytime temperature in about 32 degrees, and even in the evening its still 30ish. What doesn’t help the matter is the high humidity and low air quality we have here in Hong Kong (complaining again, you can tell I’m British right?). The first tip I want to give anyone coming to HK is summer is prepare for heat. T-shirts and shorts are a must, white t-shirts preferable, and grey is a big no-no unless you like the sweaty look. Don’t even think about shirts, jumpers or jackets in the summer. It really is that hot. On a plus side though the UV level isn’t too high, so although its very hot, you won’t get burnt too badly, unless your using chip fat like people in Scotland. (Full story HERE).

To be honest living in Hong Kong sometimes really feels like being on an extended holiday, I mean I really am on an island in the sun. Spending days lying on the beach and swimming in the warm blue sea is enjoyable for anyone, but it really is hard to get away from the heat. With warm showers, swimming pools and drinks sometimes I really wish I was wading into the freezing cold waters off the coast of north east England, or even sitting in my room in Scotland with my duvet wrapped round my shoulders. But there is one savoir in my life, and that is air conditioning. I was to express my deepest thanks to Willis Haviland Carrier for making my life that little bit easier, I LOVE AC. So tip number 2 when coming to Hong Kong is to bring one of those nice little portable fans, or just buy one when you’re here. Now although you may look ridiculous carrying a portable fan with you all time, who cares? Anyone who knows me will know I look ridiculous in shorts, and I sometimes have less than two buttons undone on my shirts (apparently that makes me a p**ck). My final tip for anyone thinking about going on exchange to Hong Kong is….. Do it. As much as I complain it really is great here, and if that’s not reason enough for you to come, thinks, if you come to HK now, there’s a change you’d get to see your favourite author, Luke Sanders.

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  1. awe. Denmark is getting so cold ><
    I could do with some Hong Kong sun! … probably would actually melt though…

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