A message from snowy Prague

The time between blog writing days seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

But let’s see what I have to offer you…

The highlight of the previous week has to be my trip to Moravia at the weekend.  Group of around 30 of us gathered in the cold at 8.30am at the school awaiting our bus. We all piled in, immediately fell asleep and then 4 hours later we arrived at the Punkva caves. After stocking up on a Czech lunch we headed up to the entrance of the caves, umbrellas in hands. Tour begins in large dome called Přední dóm. Its entrance is guarded by the biggest stalactite column called Strážce (Sentinel). The next stage was a beautiful underground cruise on the River Punkva. The tour ended at the bottom of Macocha Abyss which was by far the most impressive sight of all. In the foggy, drizzly weather it looked slightly magical…

Next we took a cable car up the mountain. I’m sure the view from this cable car was nothing short of breathtaking; however I cannot adequately relate this to you as I had wedged myself into the middle of the group, closed my eyes and prayed for solid ground. After promptly exiting the cable car we were at the top of the Macocha Abyss looking down on where we had been at the end of the tour.

Later that night we had dinner in a private wine cellar. Definitely the highlight of the trip. At this cosy, traditional dinner I felt like I was getting the first real taste of Czech life and culture since arriving in Prague. We tasted lots of different wines and were given some background information on them, and then there was a musician and dancing. However, during this time we were also being continuously supplied with all you can drink wine so the night quickly deteriorated to drinking games and escorting numerous people back too the hostel in order to allow them to throw up in private. The now very merry party wondered the streets of this very small Czech town in search of a club. Eventually we reached what we were told was a club. It was full of locals of all ages, all of whom seemed to be related to everyone else. We drank a little more wine and continued to dance into the wee hours.


The next morning breakfast was at half 8 and then we were heading off to Lednice chateau. Everyone was tired, many people were suffering and sight seeing was top of no ones agenda. We struggled through the castle tour, took a look and the gardens and green house and then headed of for some lunch to recuperate. The bus on the way back to Prague was silent.


 Since then I have been Nation2Nation partying it up! I attended a Lithuanian presentation. I bought some pretty things to brighten up my dorm room a little. I’ve written my first presentation – to be presented Monday.

Today I woke up to snow! The middle of October and it is freezing cold and snowing like a madman! Prague is full of surprises!

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  1. I actually look forward to reading these blogs every week! Im jealous of all the fun you are having!!

  2. Hi! My Czech friend here (from Brno) was really keen to read your blog to see what life for a stranger was like in the Czech Republic, anyway, his Dad used to live in Lednice castle because his grandfather was the head gardener!

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