Hi friends…

Blog post number 2 reaches you as semester number 1 is nearing an end. I have one more week of term, a three week exam period and then we’re off four months on our summer holiday. Score.

People kept – keep – asking me before I left, ‘will you come back for Christmas?’ £1000+ return flights aside, why would I want to go back to wet, grey, chilly Edinburgh for four months when I can enjoy summer, southern-hemisphere stylee, and go exploring? So, no, chums, I’ll be out here I’m afraid. Christmas on the beach, burning myself rather than the turkey, thank you very much.

Prior to Christmas, my parents are coming out and we’ll be exploring the North Island (where Auckland is), and before that I’m going to Samoa with a couple of mates and to the South Island for a bit. After the parents it’s all a bit up in the air, but I’d like to see more of the South Island, maybe do an internship or get some kind of job, and visit Australia and Vanuatu.

But I’m getting carried away. First I have to finish two essays (what I should be writing now, rather than this blog) and revise for three exams; two linguistics and one film studies, my awesome outside course here. I’m also going to a coastal mountain next weekend and up to the northern-most tip of NZ before that, because, well, I want to. Got to make the most of being out here, right? (Plus Auckland, despite being the biggest city, isn’t exactly ‘happening’…)

Furthermore, the work load’s not too bad. Certainly more than Edinburgh – I think I’ve written more essays since July than I have put together over the last two years back in the ‘burgh – but they tend to be shorter, and marked more generously. Or perhaps it just seems that way. In any case, having more, regular work means that there’s much less stress come exams, and (more of) an opportunity to learn from mistakes. The methods of assessments, the assignments themselves, are quite interesting too – I’ve written one on my own speech, had to formulate my own titles and research on topics no one has looked at before, and have learnt how to ‘read’ films.

It’s not all work, work, work tho. I’ve had a friend here for a month from London and I’ve been meeting up with him for drinks quite often, I’ve also joined a band with whom I play once a week and have done a bit of yoga (mostly because you get a really tasty free meal afterwards). I’ve seen more of Auckland, visiting some of the outer islands and suburbs, mixing being a tourist with settling in. My geography (read: knowledge of where the best bars are) is much improved, and the city is almost attractive in the summer sun that is now more frequently gracing us with its presence.

Right. Less talking about these essays and more writing them. I shall no doubt update this again when I’m bored revising in a few weeks. If you want to catch up on what’s been going on out here in more detail, you can visit my personal blog, http://www.obvlol.blogspot.com or of course email me if you have any questions: s0784109@sms.ed.ac.uk.

Farewell, A x

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