Denmark: Starting to feel like home

Theres a few words all exchange students never want to hear, in particular the words ‘you’re being evicted’ which was what google translate kindly told me when i ran a letter I received through it.

Apparently  the letting agency hadn’t received our international bank payments for the last month. My friend and I reacted the obvious way, swearing and panicking. After a few desperate emails to the international office and our letting agency we decided to deal with the matter head on, so we went down to the offices, hand in hand with our international bank transfer receipts. Finally after 2 weeks of waiting we received a letter confirming that they had found the money and we were no longer being evicted, no apology but hey, at least we’re not on the streets. Thankfully we were saved by documenting all the payments we had made, so lesson learnt.

Now, enough with the negative stuff. Last Thursday I had my first experience of an Inter City Night Train, one of the glorious advantages of being on continental europe! The sleeping cabin was small and squashed but the bed itself was enough room to lie down, my friend and I slept soundly most of the journey, arriving in Cologne at 6.15 am. We spent the weekend in cologne with friends, even going to a theme park called Phantasialand. Which was awesome fun! I love Germany and I’ll definitely be taking that trip again. What was also useful is that we took a trip to a local supermarket in Cologne and filled an empty suitcase we brought with food like pasta, rice, grains, cheese etc. things that are ridiculously expensive in Denmark but cheap in Germany.

Autumn is starting to creep into life here in Copenhagen, the air is cooler and the trees are slowly changing orange. I’m begining to understand this city and the Danish, for example, i now know that if i’m given the option of buying stamps with animals on them or stamps with the queen on them – always go for the queen. My choice of animals led the guy at the post office to call me an anti-royalist, and actually say ‘we don’t like you’re sort around here’. Second less learnt. But now I’m starting to feel more at home here, and now i’m feeling settled i’m going to start exploring the place a little more and get some sightseeing finally done. So i’ll have more to say in my next post.

I’m off to master the library!

Take care


links: Phantasialand

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